Con of the North 2012 Report

It’s been two weeks now since Con of the North completed. This was Sneak Attack Press’s second year attending, and it was again a lot of fun (photos on our Facebook page). We ran three adventures, Hunting Deathcloud, Good Little Children Never Grow Up, and finally Axes of Evil. There were some great moments, like when the task of putting together terrain turned into an impromptu team-building exercise, or when the ranger’s twin strike scored two critical hits… followed closely by two critical misses, or when the gang of degenerate evildoers decided to start a bunny far as a side business. Continue reading

Why GMs are like Vaudeville Comedians

A few years ago at Gen Con, I was running an adventure as part of the Pathfinder Society, Paizo’s organized play. One of the players was really into roleplaying his half-orc as the fish out water. He was a barbarian trying desperately to be civilized.

The PC was talking to a female NPC, and in the middle of the conversation there was an exchange that went a little something like this. Continue reading