Why GMs are like Vaudeville Comedians

A few years ago at Gen Con, I was running an adventure as part of the Pathfinder Society, Paizo’s organized play. One of the players was really into roleplaying his half-orc as the fish out water. He was a barbarian trying desperately to be civilized.

The PC was talking to a female NPC, and in the middle of the conversation there was an exchange that went a little something like this. Continue reading

Evolution of a Power

One of my favorite parts of writing adventures is designing new monsters to slay challenge the player characters. And with new monsters comes new monster powers.

When I create new powers I try to keep them short, clear, and favorable. Unfortunately these qualities do not always go hand in hand. Take for example, the signature power of the final boss in Good Little Children Never Grow Up. (Warning: Spoilers to follow).
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