Abstract Dungeon

Abstract Dungeon Abstract Dungeon is a new roleplaying game designed to be quick and easy to learn.

The biggest difference between Abstract Dungeon and other roleplaying games is that you roll your all your dice at the start or the adventure, then spend your dice to overcome challenges. You can always win, provided you are willing to spend the resources.

You then need to describe how you overcame the challenge based on the source of the die you spent. If you spend a die from your Toughness pool, it could represent anything from punching a goblin in the face to holding your liquor, while spending a die from Intellect could represent casting a spell or presenting a logical argument.

The Abstract Dungeon core rulebook is now available. contains everything you need to play including:

  • Character creation
  • Rules to play
  • GM advice
  • Optional rules
  • Magic items
  • Monsters
  • Morvan’s Hollow, a sample setting
  • Three sample adventures: The Forest Dark, The Broken Tower, and The Orcish Baker.

More supplements are coming soon!


We have created two videos to demonstrate Abstract Dungeon. The first shows an example of character creation.

The second shows an example of play.

Character Sheet

The official character sheet for Abstract Dungeon.

Character Generation Cheat Sheet

This document contains the ability flow chart and trait table from the player’s guide. You can print these out separately to make character generation easier.

11 thoughts on “Abstract Dungeon

  1. Hey Matthew. We really enjoyed playing a couple of your campaigns at the con. I was impressed with your new game. I don’t see listed in here the wand sheet that one of the other players was using with random wand effects. Do you have that available?

    • Thanks Alicia, I enjoyed running the game. The treasure section is still a work in progress. It should be up on the website by mid-March, but in the meantime I’ve emailed you a draft document.

  2. Matthew, I’m going to GaryCon and am interested in playing in your Abstract Dungeon game on Sunday morning. Registration is closed, but it shows a couple of seats left. Any way I could get on your short list for one of those empty seats?

  3. I’m not sure what the GaryCon policy is on filling those seats, but as long as it’s okay with them I’ll try to do that.

  4. Hey, Great Kickstarter project for Abstract Dungeon. I’ll spread the word! By the way you can post all kickstarter projects for free at http://CrowdFundingForum.com and get quite a bit of free publicity.

    Anyway good luck. I recently had a successful project of my own last month !

  5. I just downloaded the beta version of AD, and it looks awesome 🙂
    Easy and quick to play, I was looking for a game like that! I will be trying it soon!

  6. Thanks for the great game, guys ! Recently “exiled” in North America from my native Switzerland, I feel the gaming world here too often “technical” and min-maxing. Your Abstract Dungeon is a flow of fresh air !
    I tried it with a contemporary cop game (named Cops – Asmodée Edition, OOP) and all went well. Maybe you should offer us more universes to play in. What could be in your opinion a “magic item” in our world – woth a die or more ? A very big gun ?
    Keep the good work !
    … and please excuse my bad english.

    • Welcome to the continent. I’m glad you like the game. We’ve got distant plans to expand to other settings/genres, but those are a ways off, probably at least a year.

      Philosophically I think that permanent treasure should help define the character, or create a story option that otherwmise might not occur to the characters (that’s why there are no generic “magic swords” everything has a special ability). A big gun could be a “magic item,” particularly if it’s something more than standard issue. A souped-up squad car or even a pair of bad-ass sunglasses might also be “magic items.”

      • Thanks a lot for the answer Matthew. It will help a lot for future adaptations I’ll surely do. I can now think of a book about Cthulu’s mythos as a “magic item” and not only for his spells.
        A very nice game !

        I’ll play it and let you know.

  7. Just to let you know I adapted the adventure Black Flames to AB (originally Dark Sun – ADD 2nd edition) and that it worked perfectly well. Very happy with AB !

    I would add that the table was mixing old foxes and inexperienced players. The most unsettled were the experienced ones ! But they loved the way the system was working.

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