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Writer Submissions

We are currently taking writing submissions to support our pre-existing product lines. We are looking for very specific things, so please read the submission guidelines fully.

Please include a writing sample and and list of previous publishing credits (if you have one, we are open to working with new authors).

Payment will starts 2 cents per word, with possibly higher rates for established authors. Payment is made upon acceptance of the final draft.

Send submissions to

Tales from the Great Lakes

Sneak Attack Press is looking for authors to create more books in our line: Broken Earth: Tales from the Great Lakes for Pathfinder and Savage Worlds.

These are short PDFs between 3,000 and 5,000 words long. Each details a single location that boarders the Great Lakes in the US or Canada, in the post-apocalyptic Broken Earth setting. If you are unfamiliar with the setting you can check out some free previews here.

Please submit 2-4 different locations with your pitch.

The pitch for each location should include:

Where is it?
What makes the location unique?
What cool things are their for the heroes to do there?
What conflicts exist?
Who are some important people?

Artist Submissions

We are not currently looking for new artists, but if you send us links to your portfolio and your rates, and we can keep you on file for future projects.