ENnie Nomination!

At Sneak Attack Press, we are very excited to announce that we’ve received our first ENnie nomination! Terrain Toolbox has been nominated for best electronic book!

To celebrate our 2012 ENnie nomination, we are putting Terrain Toolbox (D&D 4e) on sale for just ONE DOLLAR from now until the last day of voting (July 29th)!

While technically the D&D 4e version is the one up for an award (and thus the $1.00 price), we think Pathfinder RPG GMs deserve some love to, so the PFRPG version is 20% off!

Changes are Coming

Sneak Attack Press is over a year old, and we now have five products under our belt. When we launched the company we had a pretty clear strategy: producing short adventures for the Dungeons and Dragon 4e. The strength of this strategy is that our line of similar products helps reinforce each other. Each new release produces a bump in the old products, and the adventures can be bundled together (more on why I love bundles another day).
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Have You Written a Review Lately?

Customer reviews at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG gives us feedback to create better adventures and let future customers know what to expect. (Axes of Evil and Hunting Deathcloud are especially in need of customer reviews). If you don’t have time for a full review, you can leave a simple star rating.

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