The Runewild is Here

Beyond the kingdom of Aruanda, there is an untamed land. It is a place where witches walk, where goblins cavort, where the borders between the mortal and fey realms grow thin. For some, it is a place of unspeakable wonder; for others, only madness and death lie within its trackless depths.

It is the Runewild, and it is beautiful and cruel.

The Runewild is a dark fairy tale sandbox setting for use with the 5th Edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game. Designed for character levels 1 through 10, it provides locations, encounters, and NPCs to support a campaign lasting months or years, or to be adapted into other campaigns. This book includes: Continue reading

Magical Kitties Save the Day!

We are excited to announce the release our newest roleplaying game: Magical Kitties Save the Day!

Magical Kitties Save the Day

Danger lurks around every corner. Witches hide in the forest, waiting for human children to stray from the path. Aliens wear masks to look human and take over Earth from within. Children move to a new school where nobody wants to be their friends. The humans can’t save themselves. They don’t even notice the danger.

Good thing they have magical kitties.

Wash Me!

Kronocalypse contains many of the standard tropes of mainstream fantasy RPGs. You’ve got elves and dwarves fighting against orcs and dragons. While I want to include these tropes to give players something familiar, I also want the setting to be more than just another version of Dungeons and Dragons.

As part of that I’ve looked to many other cultures beyond Western Europe for inspiration. I’ve already talked a little bit about that on the player side, with how the Faith is inspired by Shintoism and other Asian forms of animism. On the game master’s side, I’ve combed through other mythologies looking for possible monsters. Continue reading

Kronocalypse Design: Adventure Deck

I recently announced the stretch goals for the Kronocalypse Kickstarter campaign, and one of them is to produce a campaign-specific Adventure Deck that you can mix with the standard deck or use independently.

For those who don’t know, the Adventure Deck is a deck of cards designed to give players new and interesting ways to control the story in Savage Worlds. Each card features a different special ability that characters can use, and each player can use one card per session. The standard Savage Worlds adventure deck features everything from automatically getting a Raise on one Trait roll, to finding a love interest, to making the bad guy stronger. Continue reading

Gaia’s Revenge for Savage Worlds

We have just released Gaia’s Revenge, a group of super villains for Savage Worlds.

Swirling snow blocks your vision. Vines twist around your ankles. A fireball explodes. You thank your super-tough skin for shrugging off most of the heat.

A man made of stone emerges from the blizzard. You slam your fist into him, but he barely notices. “I thought you were a hero,” he says. “Why are you fighting us? We’re just trying to save the world. Continue reading