Abstract Dungeon

Abstract Dungeon is a new roleplaying game currently under development by Sneak Attack Press. To help make it the best game we can, we are inviting you to participate in an open play test. These files on this page are still in the early stages and may contain some typos, but they should give you enough material to play the game.

As this is a beta test, we’d love to hear your feedback. We have a basic survey here, and plan to have additional surveys soon. You can also give us feedback by writing to playtest@sneakattackpress.com, or stopping by the Abstract Dungeon Form.

For all the latest information about Abstract Dungeon, you can like our Facebook page.


We have created two videos to demonstrate Abstract Dungeon. The first shows an example of character creation.

The second shows an example of play.

Complete Beta Rules

This is a single .pdf that contains all you need to play the game, including rules, monsters, magic items, and two sample adventures (including the Orcish Baker).

The Broken Tower

An adventure for Abstract Dungeon. East of Morvan’s Hallow stands a former wizard’s tower that has split in half, with the upper level hanging in mid-air. Rumor has it that it’s filled with magical treasure and terrible monsters. Are the heroes brave enough to discover what lies within The Broken Tower?

Character Sheet

The official character sheet for Abstract Dungeon.

Character Generation Cheat Sheet

This document contains the ability flow chart and trait table from the player’s guide. You can print these out separately to make character generation easier.

6 Responses to Abstract Dungeon

  1. Hey Matthew. We really enjoyed playing a couple of your campaigns at the con. I was impressed with your new game. I don’t see listed in here the wand sheet that one of the other players was using with random wand effects. Do you have that available?

    • matthewjhanson says:

      Thanks Alicia, I enjoyed running the game. The treasure section is still a work in progress. It should be up on the website by mid-March, but in the meantime I’ve emailed you a draft document.

  2. JD Clement says:

    Matthew, I’m going to GaryCon and am interested in playing in your Abstract Dungeon game on Sunday morning. Registration is closed, but it shows a couple of seats left. Any way I could get on your short list for one of those empty seats?

  3. matthewjhanson says:

    I’m not sure what the GaryCon policy is on filling those seats, but as long as it’s okay with them I’ll try to do that.

  4. John says:

    Hey, Great Kickstarter project for Abstract Dungeon. I’ll spread the word! By the way you can post all kickstarter projects for free at http://CrowdFundingForum.com and get quite a bit of free publicity.

    Anyway good luck. I recently had a successful project of my own last month !

  5. JollyJen says:

    I just downloaded the beta version of AD, and it looks awesome :)
    Easy and quick to play, I was looking for a game like that! I will be trying it soon!

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