Release the Kraken!

We are just days away from launching the Kickstarter campaign for the Abstract Dungeon Zine. We’ve already written issue one, which themed around pirates and sailing and includes twelve new aquatic monsters.

Many of these monsters use conditions, a concept that was not called out in the core rules, though a proto-version appeared in things like the ice dragon’s entomb attack. In a nutshell, when a monster creates a condition it’s represented by a number of dice, and until it’s defeated the condition has individual effects as described in the monster stats. The siren’s song puts the character in a trance until allies can snap them out of it. The giant cone snail‘s venom deals damage until it can be neutralized.

I could not write an article about sea monsters without including the kraken. In my mind, a battle with a kraken must include tentacles grabbing the PCs, pulling them off their ship, and then shoving them in the kraken’s mouth so it can swallow them whole. Thus the kraken makes use of two conditions: Grabbed and Swallowed.

The Kraken!

6 Dice Per PC Boss Monster
Special: The Kraken begins with a number of tentacles equal to the number of PCs. Each tentacle is a 1-die creature that deals 1 Toughness or Agility damage, and whenever the tentacle deals damage, the target is Grabbed until the tentacle is destroyed.
5 Regenerate Tentacles: Regains 3 tentacles (see special above) to a maximum equal to the number of PCs.
4 Swallow Whole: 2 Toughness to one target Grabbed by a tentacle and the target is Swallowed (3-dice condition) but is no longer Grabbed. Until the Swallowed condition is defeated, the condition deals the target 3 Toughness each turn, the target can attack only the kraken, and the kraken resists all the PC’s attacks.
2 Tentacle Crush: 3 Toughness to two creatures already Grabbed by tentacles.
0 Bite: 3 Toughness or Agility damage to one enemy.

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