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  1. Is there supposed to be a link to the Broken Earth preview material? It says “you can check it out here” but there’s no link. Where would I go about finding the preview?

  2. Hi there,

    I contacted you via E-Mail, but it is unanswered since 28.04.2018.

    Here is my last hope for some answers.

    I am a big fan of Broken Earth and have also bought all extra adventures. (Savage Worlds)

    But, I have some questions and could not find any active forum, so I try my luck this way.

    English is not my first language so I hope my questions are okay.

    1. Missing rules for the building edge Wind/Solar Farm. I have paste here the one version from the old Pinnacle forum:

    Wind/Solar Farm
    Requires: Engineer, 20 Build, 18 weeks; must be built in a hex containing a free plain.
    This Wind or Solar Farm produces enough power for 500 citizens. The cost also includes electrical wiring to the hex and all hexes connected by roads.
    Community Benefit: The community receives electricity. If this is the first electricity source, increase the community’s Economy and Morale by a die type. It also allows the community to construct any buildings that require electricity.
    PC Benefit: The PCs each receive one battery and can freely recharge all of their batteries.

    Is this also an official version now?

    2. Extreme Chemistry

    Here I miss some information about how it exactly works because at least theoretically you can produce extremly expensive drugs. Can you produce them in advance? Can you stockpile them? Or do you have to use them first before you can recharge your powerpoints? Or do you have to use them immediately?

    3. Synths

    I am a bit confused with this race. They have the racial edge “Untainted” which says the can not have Psionics or Mutation edges. On the other hand the Synth Sara the Butcher is described as having “brown hair with streaks of blue and red (a minor mutation”).

    I think they should be able to get some plausible mutations because like the other races they have human flesh, muscles, organs and so on. Only the Skeleton and brain are artificial.

    Ultra Immune System seems to me like a good thing for them, especially if they have nanobots. What do you think?

    4. Community rules – Economy

    We have one community trait called Economy which is needed in very few situations.

    I miss a community Project like “Trading” with which the community could try to get more build and Food or could trade one ressorce for the other or vice versa.

    What do you think?

    5. The adventures are expanding the regions beyond the official map. Any chance that there will be a bigger map someday?

    6. Is there any official errata? I could not find anything.

    Many thanks in advance and with best regards.

    Sorry für using this way but I could not find any other way anymore.

    • Hi Sven,

      I tried to reply to you on 5/1, maybe it got caught in the junk folder. Anyway here are the answers:

      1. I haven’t released it, so it’s not technically official, but the version I use is basically the same as the forum one.

      2. As written, you spend the power points and choose the power when you use it, no stockpiling. Broken Earth was my first time writing for Savage Worlds, so I kept things close to core. In the future I might you make your drugs in advance, but cannot regain power points until they are used. Maybe another edge to make them permanent and saleable.

      3. The line for Sara actually came from a backer, and I don’t think I made the connection. Most mutations in Broken Earth are assumed to have been their since birth, so synths don’t have them since they were never born and were based on pre-war DNA.

      That being said, there could be exceptions, such as acquiring mutations later (such as at TransGenome) or saying they came about as product of genetic engineering, or say the synth was somehow made post-war from mutated DNA.

      4. I think a Trade Action sounds good. I’m also looking into other ways to make the community abilities more useful for the revised edition.

      5. When I finish the Great Lakes series I hope to collect them into a print book, and also put out a map of that area. No idea when that will be.

      6. No. I had hoped to put one out, but we’re small and it ended up falling through the cracks.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


      Matthew J. Hanson

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