Drakonheim: City of Bones Gets Ready for a Swift Kick


Why are we nicknamed the City of Bones?

People first started calling us that when the city’s founder killed the dragon Ignomia and used her bones to build the walls of Drakonheim. It took on new meaning after the Empire fell. The marble palaces became skeletal remains of a dead civilization. Now there is a third reason. The bones of the dead walk the street. Skeletons and zombies. Why don’t we fear them? We do, of course. But what choice do we have?

Drakonheim is a fantasy city full of intrigue and surrounded by dangers. Goblins dwell in the sewers, undead walk the streets, and aristocrats scheme for greater power. Hobgoblins ride across the northern planes, lizardfolk rule the southern swamps, and all manner of monsters hunt in the western mountains. Continue reading

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