Wash Me!

Kronocalypse contains many of the standard tropes of mainstream fantasy RPGs. You’ve got elves and dwarves fighting against orcs and dragons. While I want to include these tropes to give players something familiar, I also want the setting to be more than just another version of Dungeons and Dragons.

As part of that I’ve looked to many other cultures beyond Western Europe for inspiration. I’ve already talked a little bit about that on the player side, with how the Faith is inspired by Shintoism and other Asian forms of animism. On the game master’s side, I’ve combed through other mythologies looking for possible monsters.

Some, like the yeti and oni, have already been assimilated into western fantasy, and I knew about them starting any research. Others are like the Chinese jiangshi or “hopping vampire,” I’d heard of but were not really familiar with. Other monsters that I’d never heard of, but they made their way into the setting. The jikininki or “hungry ghosts” are spawned people who were so greedy in life, that after death they are condemned to eternal hunger. They are compelled to eat corpses but are never satiated.

Then there’s the ashiarai yashiki. Which is… and I promise I’m not making this up… a disembodied foot that crashes through your ceiling and demands to be washed. If you wash it, the ashiarai yashiki goes away. Otherwise it goes on a rampage and breaks all your stuff. Since discovering it I picture it as the Monty Python foot speaking the voice of Venture Brothers’ Grand Galactic Inquisitor, yelling “Wash Me!”

I have not yet figured out a way to incorporate ashiarai yashiki into Kronocalypse, though I haven’t given up hope completely yet. Even if I can’t stat it up for Savage Worlds, I can almost guarantee that you’ll see it a forthcoming supplement for Abstract Dungeon.

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