Kronocalypse Design: The Many Benefits of Backers

I love crowd funding for many reasons. The most obvious reason, is that it’s a great way to raise funds to create a book that otherwise would not be possible. That’s far from the only benefit however. Another benefit of crowd-funding campaigns is that it increases communication between project creators and the backers. This communication helps strengthen the project, creating a better end result.

I saw this several times while working on Broken Earth. Sometimes I brought a question to the backers, like how they preferred to have the book organized. Other times the backers came to me with ideas. For instance there is a section in the book about how the apocalypse effected life beyond the upper Midwest. I did not originally plan to describe the rest of the world, but backers where so curious, that I added it.

I’m already seeing how backer input can help shape Kronocalypse. The playtest documents are getting comments on things like new Edges characters can get, and the monsters they will fight. Forums are also a great source of inspiration, for ideas like gene splicing and cowboys.

Yes, that’s right, as if everything else was not enough, Kronocalypse will also have cowboys and cowgirls. They will be part of the age of steam, and they live primarily one the planes of Pergrenk, the continent once dominated by Felinoids. Now that humans have colonized the ranges, they’ve also brought their cattle, who are thriving. And were there are thousands of cattle, there needs to be somebody to take care of them.

I’m sure I’ll get more backer input as the campaign continues. I’d love to hear your input too, so leave a comment here or post on any forum thread featuring Kronocalypse.

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