Kronocalypse Design: Adventure Deck

I recently announced the stretch goals for the Kronocalypse Kickstarter campaign, and one of them is to produce a campaign-specific Adventure Deck that you can mix with the standard deck or use independently.

For those who don’t know, the Adventure Deck is a deck of cards designed to give players new and interesting ways to control the story in Savage Worlds. Each card features a different special ability that characters can use, and each player can use one card per session. The standard Savage Worlds adventure deck features everything from automatically getting a Raise on one Trait roll, to finding a love interest, to making the bad guy stronger.

For the Kronocalypse Adventure Deck, I don’t want to duplicate any of the standard cards, and I want to focus on our setting, so a lot of the planned cards involve time travel. Some of do so very directly, such as one that lets the characters shift suddenly to another era. Others deal with the wake of the temporal meteor, such as one that let’s characters find a single item from their own era whenever they are. Others deal with the fact that characters are chronologically displaced.

One of my favorites falls into the final category. It’s called “This is My Boomstick,” and it allows characters to intimidate anybody on the scene when they demonstrates a piece of sufficiently advanced technology.

I’ve already got a list of of ideas for what can go in the Adventure Deck, but it’s not final yet, so if you have a card you’d like to see, let me know and I’ll see if we can make it work.

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