Kronocalypse Design: Temporal Synergy

As I’ve designed Kronocalypse, I’ve looked for ways to bring the time-travel theme in even when characters are jumping from one age to another.

Until recently, I was also playing in a Deadlands campaign. In that setting there are a few different kinds of Bennies, or Fate Chips as they are called in Deadlands. The different Fate Chips have different benefits, including adding 1d6 to any Trait roll.

As I brainstormed, I combined these two ideas into something I call temporal synergy.

Basically, I use four different colors of Bennies, one for each era in Kronocalypse. Characters have minor synergy with a Benny when they either are from the era that the Benny corresponds to, or if they are currently in the that era. With minor synergy, characters can used the Benny to add one to any Trait test instead of rerolling it.

Characters have major synergy with the Benny when they are in their own era, and the Benny corresponds to that era. If characters have major synergy, they can add 1d6 to any Trait test.

So far in playtesting, the results of this temporal synergy seem positive. It presents an interesting tactical choice of using the +1 for a sure success, or rerolling for a possible raise. The major synergy also makes characters a little extra awesome when they are in their home era, which I think is fitting. The only real drawback I’ve noticed is that, as characters shift from era to era, the players sometimes lose track of which color Bennies provide them with which benefit.

It might get a little tweeked between now and press time, but I think Bennies with temporal synergy are another feature of the Kronocalypse.

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