Kronocalypse Design: Stealing from Geography

First of all, we launched the Kronocalypse Kickstarter campaign yesterday. If you haven’t done so, go check it out! Now on to the design blog.

Roleplaying games have some pretty fantastic locations, from floating cities to crystal forests. Though it turns out Earth has some pretty cool locations too. Some of them are so cool that I had to incorporate them into the Kronocalypse setting.

The first, I admit, I only stole after somebody else stole it first and more prominently. If you’ve seen the Pixar movie Up, then you’ve seen the tepuis of Argentina. Their involvement with Kronocalypse started when I wanted a waterfall spirit for prehistoric cave men and women to worship. I could have done a wide waterfall like Niagara, but decided instead to do a high one like Paradise Falls from Up, or (as I soon discovered) like the real-life Angel Falls.

Reading Angel Falls’ entry on Wikipedia soon lead to a to other articles about the tepuis. One sentence in particular caught my eye, “The plateau of the tepuis is completely isolated from the ground forest, making them ecological islands.” In other words different kinds of animals live on the top than at the base. And since the tops are higher altitude, they’re cold too. Almost makes you want to grow fur.

That’s right, in Kron, the tops of tepuis are dominated by prehistoric mammals like mammoths and saber-tooth tigers, while dinosaurs rule the lands below.

My wife suggested a second location, when she found a YouTube video about Catatumbo lightning. The short description is that above the Catatumbo river, there’s a lightning storm that rages every night for about half the year. It’s so bright and so predictable that sailors used it to navigate and referred to the storm as the “Lighthouse of Maracaibo.”

Now that’s cool enough on its own, bur this being Kronocalypse and all, I’ve decided to make our version of the storm home to a powerful kami: huitecocoatl, the lightning serpent. This kami is especially powerful and capable of a devastating lighting blast, so heroes will need to be at least heroic tier before they can befriend it.

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