Kronocalypse Design: Mobius

As I’ve mentioned before, two major goals of Kronocalypse are making each era feel like a compelling setting by itself, and at the same time making them feel like a unified whole. Last time we looked at the details of one era, the steam age, so today we’ll looking at one of the elements that binds the ages together: Mobius.


The Mobius company begins in the iron age with John Mobius, and inventor who travels through Kron trying to sell his services to rich patrons. His great achievements are complex water clocks that not only mark the passing of the hours, but also track the movement of the stars, play music, or move wooden figures.

The heroes meet John Mobius early in the plot point campaign. He is a mysterious figure who wears a mask and never reveals why. Some people say he was terribly burned, other say he was born disfigured, still other say it’s just a clever gimmick to sell clocks. Whatever the reason it becomes a tradition for the head of the Mobius company to wear a similar mask whenever conducting business.

Despite his eccentricities, John Mobius is generally friendly towards the heroes. He is looking for a few brave souls who can escort him through orc infested lands, and if they accompany him, he asks them much about their travels.

At some point John Mobius starts a family, and the leadership of the Mobius company passes from father to son for generations (though never to a daughter, which is odd for the egalitarian Kron). The Mobius company is a thriving business by the steam age. Not only does it make the most extraordinary pocket watches, it also is the first to create truly sapient automatons, along with a host of other clockwork devices. Despite his busy schedule, the current head of the company, Cedric Mobius is more than happy to meet with heroes. In fact he asks them to help retrieve the contents of a lost airship.

By the cyber age, the Mobius company has dropped out of the spot light. The only reason somebody might have heard of it is because Mobius maintain the quantum clock that all other devices are synched to. Zeno Mobius leads the company during the cyber age, and considers himself a student of history. He is one of the few people that believes the “quaint” stories of elves and dwarves, and would love to meet one in person.

Through all the ages, the Mobius family is extremely well informed, and knows much more about the possibility of time travel than others. To avoid spoilers, their secret will remain a secret for now, but I’ll let you know that more clues can be found in the stone age.

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