Kronocalypse Design: Four Settings In One

The Kronocalypse plot-point campaign is based on traveling through time to four different eras. But we also want the setting to be more than just a time-travel gimmick. One major design goals for Kronocalypse is that each era can stand on its own as a compelling and viable campaign setting.

Each of the four eras takes place on the world of Kron, a place that has many similarities to Earth, but also many important differences (like the existence of magic, and the fact that humans and dinosaurs lived side-by-side). We’ll go into more depth on the various settings in future blog posts, but for now here is a quick overview of each era.

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Stone Age

The earliest era in the Kronocalypse setting begins at the dawn of man. Humans have only recently mastered language and fire. They eke out a meager existence hunting dinosaurs or woolly mammoth. The saurian, humanoid dinosaurs, are slightly more advanced, having developed basic metal working and discovered how to channel arcane energy to cast powerful spells. The two species frequently clash, and a cabal of saurian spellcasters seeks a way to exterminate the human threat forever.

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Iron Age

Humans, elves, and dwarves live side-by side in an age of knights and wizards. Lomia has made peace with its neighbors, but that does not mean the kingdom is safe. Orcs still live in the hills and raid human settlements. Deadly spirits haunt the dark places. Worst of all, the dragons have grown restless and fly from their island home to destroy and dominate civilized lands.

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Steam Age

The sun never sets on the Lomian Empire. With its fleet of airships, it has colonized continents far and wide, bringing gifts of civilization to the “barbaric cat people” and the “backwards treefolk” who inhabit those far-flung lands. Of course nobody from Lomia asked the natives want the “gifts.” The other colonial powers of Palon and Druska scheme to break Lomia’s grip on the skies.

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Cyber Age

National governments are a thing of the past. Corporations are the real powers in the world. When global see levels rose, those with sufficient credit moved to higher ground. Those who couldn’t… let’s hope they can tread water. Human have merged with machines, enhancing their bodies and minds, while replicant slaves toil away for their human masters.

That’s all for now. Let us know what you think, and which era would like to hear more about first.

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