Abstract Dungeon Kickstarter!

Sneak Attack Press is excited to announce that we have just launched a Kickstarter Campaign for Abstract Dungeon, a new RPG designed to be super fast and rules light. With it you can create a character in less than five minutes, and run an epic adventure in less than two hours.

The campaign funds will go to create a core rule book featuring everything you need to play the game including:

Character Creation – A double-sided cheat sheet gives you everything you need to make a character in five minutes.
Game Master Advice – With basic hints for first time GMs, and more advanced ideas and optional rules for experienced GMs.
Magic Items – Including items like the vorpal sward, ever-full stein, and wand of wonder, that last of which gets not one, but two random tables.
Monsters – Everything from the lowly kobold to the mighty dragon.
Three Sample Adventures (more with stretch goals) – Including the fan favorite “The Orcish Backer.”
Morvan’s Hollow – A sample fantasy setting. The isolated logging town is filled with trouble from desperate bandits, spiteful fay, and a crime family that controls all the taverns in town.
And More!

Backers can also add on monster cards, which contain illustrations of monsters and their game statistics. You can uses them as props, cheat sheets, or random encounter decks.

Please check out the Kickstarter page, consider backing, and spread the word.

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