Berserkon Report

A few weeks ago, I got a chance to attend the first ever Berserkon, a new gaming convention in Duluth, MN.

Overall the convention went quite well. It started a little slow, but I soon found some good gaming. I got to try some new games including Power Grid, and the Time Heroes RPG. Time Heroes is a Fate based time travel RPG in the style of an 80s cartoon. If that sounds fun to you (it was fun to play) you can check out its Kickstarter right now! (We supported it as part of of Kicking it Forward pledge).

Of course I also got to run some games on behalf of Sneak Attack Press.

The first thing I ran was a preview adventure for Broken Earth. In it, the PCs explored the post-apocalyptic ruins of Duluth, including finding the room where we playing the game. The PCs also made some armor from cockroach exoskeletons, befriended a mutant, discovered advanced pre-war technology, talked the villain’s henchmen into abandoning the fight, and left the main villain hogtied for the authorities to pick up.

I also ran some Abstract Dungeon at Berserkon, and had some great time with that. The players rolled a lot of characters with high Toughness, so it ended up being a bit more violent than many other sessions I’ve played. (It’s the first time that the PCs wiped out all the bandits from “The One About the Bandits.”) It’s really interesting the way that PCs handle the same scenario differently.

Overall it was a great con, and I hope to go back next year. Next convention we’ll be at is Gencon, where I’ll be working with Games on Demands. I hope to see you there!

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