It’s Been a While… But We’re Still Here!

Sorry for the long gap with no updates. I recently got married and for the month or so before the Big Day the planning was pretty all consuming. The wedding went off without a hitch, and now that it’s done I’ve got time again to dedicate to Sneak Attack Press. And I’ve got plans.

First up, we’ve got another Super-Powered by M&M book nearing completion. Like Gaia’s Revenge, it’s a villain book, but this time, while the villains are related, I wouldn’t call them a team. After that I hope to finish the third adventure in the Heroes of Drakonheim trilogy for the D&D Next playtest.

Looking further ahead plans are still not finalized, but I can give you some hints. I’m thinking of developing something post-apocalyptic for the Pathfinder RPG. I’m also secretly working a new system of my own, for now let’s just call it Project Mandrake. I’ve started playtesting it with some of my friends, and it is set to have a public premiere at Con of the North 2013.

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