Terrain Toolbox now for Pathfinder RPG

Thanks to our recent Kickstarter Campaign, Terrain Toolbox is now available for the Pathfinder RPG, and the D&D 4e version has all new interior art!

Terrain Toolbox is the first in a series of books that offer advice and tools for GMs to create more memorable encounters. Terrain Toolbox is designed to increase the creative use of terrain in your game, making battles more dynamic.

The book begins with general advice for designing terrain effect and special abilities. It discusses why we use terrain, different things terrain can do, and how the terrain might change throughout an encounter.

Terrain Toolbox also contains forty-eight sample terrains, including a blood mage’s circle, solid clouds, and lightning pillars. Each sample terrain includes advice on how to use the terrains, and most include mechanical and cosmetic variations.

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