Gaia’s Revenge is Here!

Sneak Attack Press is proud to release our first Super-Powered by M&M product: Gaia’s Revenge. This book presents a supervillain group ready to use in your M&M game. It contains not only game statics, but also character backgrounds, adventure hooks, and a sample story arc that demonstrates how to use Gaia’s Revenge as reoccurring and evolving villains.

Gaia’s Revenge is a group of idealistic college students turned eco-terrorists. They want to save the Earth by any means necessary. The members include:

Seismic:A brainy jock who controls the power of earth.
Sizzle: A thrill seeker who controls the power of fire.
Tempest: A high-achiever who controls the power of air.
Damp: An anarchist hacker who controls the power of water.
Druid: A shy healer who controls the power of life.

Gaia’s Revenge is available now at RPGNow and DriveThruRPG.

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