We Did It!

Thanks to you all, we have met our initial funding goal in just eleven days! Alternate Objectives is a go and will have some great art!

But that doesn’t mean that this campaign is over, because we’ve got some great stretch goals. Next up is $800 for some professional cartography. The way things have been going, I’m confident that we’ll reach this goal too!

Kicking it Forward

Sneak Attack Press is proud to announce that for Alternate Objectives, we have taken the Kicking it Forward pledge. The idea is pretty simple. By taking the pledge we promise to give 5% of future profits back to fund future Kickstarter projects.

To be clear that NOT 5% of the money we raise on Kickstarter. It is 5% of all of the profits (after expenses) that the book earns for the life of the product!

You have all been so generous to us. We hope to give back.