It’s a Salvage World Out There

It’s the Holidays again, and while that’s great for family and togetherness, it sometimes has an adverse effect on gaming.

Unfortunately due to scheduling craziness, the RPG of the Month club was unable to complete our first venture into the Savage Worlds system. I decided to hold off writing the report to see if we’d be able to finish up the game in early December, but that hasn’t worked out either. So we may never discover the secret of the disappearing whiskey.

Overall I enjoyed a lot about the Salvage World’s system. Combat was fast and furious, and bennies (like hero points in Mutants and Masterminds) gave both the DM and PCs some more narrative control over combat by rerolling dice or reducing damage. The latter is nice especially when you may be up against exploding dice.

Not literally exploding dice of course, but most of the time when you roll, if the die comes up on the max number, you roll again and combine the totals. This is a ton of fun when it happens as a player. Unfortunately it also works for the bad guys, leading to the potential danger of going from full health to unconscious in a single roll. Fortunately the above mentioned bennies reduce this risk.

Salvage Worlds is a generic system with a host of setting books, both produced by Pinnacle Entertainment (the Salvage World’s publisher) and licensed third-party companies. We played a third-party setting called Old School Fantasy. As a fantasy setting I cannot help but compare it to D&D. The main things I missed are mostly small fiddly bits. There was no “marking” mechanism for example. I played the dwarf “tank” fighter, and I was hard to hit. Unfortunately my halfling rogue companion was much easier to hit, and there was no way I could find to encourage the enemies to hit me instead of him. D&D 4e solves this problem well with marking (and later auras). Since Salvage Worlds is a point-based system it might be possible that such an option is in there somewhere, but not that I easily found.

Minor quibbles aside, the game was still a blast. Next week we give Traveler a test spin.

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