Introducing RPG of the Month Club

I love Dungeons and Dragons. It was the first RPG I ever played after my older brother received the Metzer Red Box one year for his birthday (or maybe it was Christmas), and it is still the game I play most.

But even at a young age, I found that there was more to RPGs then slaying dragons and exploring dungeons. I discovered more games like Starwars, Paranoia, and a host of games from the Palladium Universe, most notably Rifts. In my youth I probably spent more time creating characters than playing the game, but I had a blast.

Now that I’m older I have regular gaming groups, but with grown-up time constraints it’s hard enough to keep one group going, so for a long time D&D has been the only game I’ve had a chance to play.

I still love the range of genres and systems that RPGs can offer, so a while ago I started cooking up a craze scheme. Chose one of those many games and play it for a month. Then stop. Pick another game next month and another the month after that. GMs rotate, and players can drop in or out for a month. It meets the low-commitment needs that our busy lives demand, and allows us to explore the wide array of options that excite the wide-eyed child inside. It’s a little something I call the RPG of the Month Club.

October 2011, was the first month and I think it was a resounding success. I GMed Mutants and Masterminds, and watched as a group of superheroes established themselves in Emerald City.

In November we’re taking Savage Worlds for a spin. This time I’m player, and I’m psyched.

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