Changes are Coming

Sneak Attack Press is over a year old, and we now have five products under our belt. When we launched the company we had a pretty clear strategy: producing short adventures for the Dungeons and Dragon 4e. The strength of this strategy is that our line of similar products helps reinforce each other. Each new release produces a bump in the old products, and the adventures can be bundled together (more on why I love bundles another day).

The plan has worked pretty well so far, but as Sneak Attack Press grows, we hope to expand. We’ll still make 4e adventures, but that will be just one of our lines. Our next product (currently planned for an end of August release) has the working title Terrain Toolbox. It offers tips for creating terrain for your 4e encounters, and includes dozens of sample terrains.

And that is just the beginning. We are not only exploring other 4e products, we are also looking into other systems, and even other genres. Our talent pool is expanding too, so keep an eye open for new names on our products.

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