Kronocalypse Design: One World with Four Ages

In a previous design blog I talked about how one design goal for Kronocalypse is that each era could be a compelling setting on its own.

While the settings could stand on their own, another important design goal is for the different eras to feel connected and seem like the history of a living world. Continue reading

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Kronocalypse Design: Miracle of Miracles

There are plenty of Arcane Backgrounds in the Kronocalypse setting, including Magic, Miracles, Weird Science, and Cybernetics. One of our design goals is to give each of those backgrounds its own distinct feel.

To that end we’re creating both mechanical and story differences between the backgrounds, something more than just spell lists. Just as the general premise Kronocalypse is partly inspired by a certain Japanese console RPG, the final inspiration for the Miracles background came from JRPGs. In this case, however, it came from the Final Fantasy series, and in particular Final Fantasy X.

The priests of Kron are summoners.

Final Grel no bg Continue reading

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ENnies Interview just published an interview with Matthew J. Hanson, head of Sneak Attack Press. In it they talk about the ENnie nominated Broken Earth (among other things).

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Kronocalypse Design: Four Settings In One

The Kronocalypse plot-point campaign is based on traveling through time to four different eras. But we also want the setting to be more than just a time-travel gimmick. One major design goals for Kronocalypse is that each era can stand on its own as a compelling and viable campaign setting.

Each of the four eras takes place on the world of Kron, a place that has many similarities to Earth, but also many important differences (like the existence of magic, and the fact that humans and dinosaurs lived side-by-side). We’ll go into more depth on the various settings in future blog posts, but for now here is a quick overview of each era.

Final Ug no bg

Stone Age

The earliest era in the Kronocalypse setting begins at the dawn of man. Humans have only recently mastered language and fire. They eke out a meager existence hunting dinosaurs or woolly mammoth. The saurian, humanoid dinosaurs, are slightly more advanced, having developed basic metal working and discovered how to channel arcane energy to cast powerful spells. The two species frequently clash, and a cabal of saurian spellcasters seeks a way to exterminate the human threat forever. Continue reading

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What is the Kronocalypse?

Welcome to the first Kronocalypse design blog. I plan to put these out every Tuesday and Thursday at least through September. For the first one, I figure I should start at the beginning and answer the basic question, “What is the Kronocalypse?”


Say you’re a caveman out hunting dinosaurs…
Or you’re an elven wizard tracking a band of orcs…
Or you’re a sky pirate boarding an enemy zeppelin…
Or you’re a cyborg mercenary on a job for a shadowy corporation…
…when the meteor strikes. Continue reading

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Broken Earth Map Download

We have a full color high resolution version of the Broken Earth map available for download.

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ENnie Nomination

Broken Earth has been nominated for an ENnie award, along with many other great products. Congratulations to all the nominees!

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Radioactive Super Villainy

We just released Meltdown and the AlphEx Corporation for the Savage Worlds rules system.

Your skin burns as you lunge towards the armored figure. It turns, and a single blow of its lead fist sends you staggering backwards. Its face plate reveals only two glowing eyes. “Sorry pal,” it says in a distorted voice. “Nothing personal. I’m just trying to feed my kids.” Continue reading

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Ug See Big Thing That Fly!

Sneak Attack Press is excited to announce the release of our latest adventure, Ug See Big Thing that Fly!

Ug See Big Thing That Fly Cover

You live easy lives, hunting dinosaurs, sharpening spears, and trying to master fire. Then the Big Thing That Fly came. Like an animal bladder filled with air, but bigger than an apatosaurus. Funny men used magic spears of fire and thunder to attack the People of the Big Cave and People by the Lake. Some died. Many were taken.

Now you must save your people from the Big Thing That Fly. But first you’ll need to get there. Continue reading

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Gaia’s Revenge for Savage Worlds

We have just released Gaia’s Revenge, a group of super villains for Savage Worlds.

Swirling snow blocks your vision. Vines twist around your ankles. A fireball explodes. You thank your super-tough skin for shrugging off most of the heat.

A man made of stone emerges from the blizzard. You slam your fist into him, but he barely notices. “I thought you were a hero,” he says. “Why are you fighting us? We’re just trying to save the world. Continue reading

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